Donald Trump Stars In Saturday Night Live’s Cringeworthy ‘Hotline Bling’ Parody

The Hotline Bling parodies are dying off, but they’re still far from dead now that the comedic geniuses over at Saturday Night Live have teamed up with US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for a cringeworthy parody of Drake‘s much-memed music video.

SNL‘s Hotline Bling parody (below) features “Drake and some special guests” gettin’ down and dirty with some akward shimmying, cha-cha’ing and a particularly difficult move they call the “Sneaky Fish”.

It also, for some reason, stars old mate Trump, who makes a cameo as your normal everyday “tax guy”, and drops some awkward swaying before misquoting Drake’s original lyrics.

Aside from Trump, SNL‘s take on Hotline Bling features Martin Short’s Ed Grimley character, who reckons Drake actually stole his dance moves. Sounds about right…

Catch the clip in all its cringeworthy glory below, alongside Trump’s equally cringeworthy SNL monologue.

Watch: Donald Trump Stars In SNL‘s Hotline Bling Parody

Watch: Donald Trump’s SNL Monologue

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