These Schoolgirls’ ‘Donald Trump Jam’ Will Make You Cringe For Humanity

Donald Trump‘s US Presidential campaign has sadly claimed the minds of three young girls from Florida, who earlier this week performed their choreographed Donald Trump Jam about literally ‘crushing’ any “enemies of freedom” who don’t “face the music” — even if that music is really, really bad.

Footage has emerged of Trump’s three ‘Freedom Girls’ entertaining his largely white group of supporters with The Donald Trump Jam in Pensacola, Florida, and despite its use of some staple cheerleading moves, it’ll leave you cringing even more than that time Trump starred in a bad Hotline Bling parody.

The Donald Trump Jam is of course littered with many “U-S-A”s, but also features the pretty unnerving lines: “We’re the red, white and blue / Fiercely free, that’s who / Our colours don’t run / No sir-ee.” It also appears to be lip-synced, but that’s the least of its problems.

If you’re brave enough, give The Official Donald Trump Jam a spin, below.

God bless America.

Watch: The Official Donald Trump Jam (Florida, 13th January 2016)

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