You Don’t Know What Partying Is Until You’ve Watched This Crazy-Ass Peking Duk Tour Video

You know those nights when you get way too fucked up and do a bunch of stupid shit but still feel like the king-of-the-goddamn-world but nek minnit it’s 7am and you’re naked in a service elevator with no recollection of how you got there or where all the time went?


That’s kind of what it feels like to watch Peking Duk‘s latest tour video.

The electronic producers/loose unit extraordinaires recently embarked on their Australiana tour, which took them on a mobile rager through Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Canberra.

And judging from the messy AF footage that they’ve just released, at least one person in the Duk’s party flock retained enough hand-eye coordination to film the whole thing.

The result is 6 minutes and 24 dizzying seconds worth of escalatingly record-setting #turntgoals, including but not limited to racing V8s, necking shoeys, dancing in carparks, impersonating velociraptors, random celebrity cameos and one buck naked ass.

Enjoy with our compliments.

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