Dope Lemon Announces New Single ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’

Dope Lemon, also knows as Angus Stone when he’s not singing with Julia, has tonight announced his latest single, titled ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’.

The track is set to feature Winston Surfshirt, so you can bet is going to be the breeziest single you’ve heard in a long time.

‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ is also set to be the first time Dope Lemon has featured another artist on one of his songs, with every track from his previous two albums being done completely solo.

The track is the first Dope Lemon will release since he dropped his second studio album, Smooth Big Cat, last year. In addition, it will also be the first release of Winston Surfshirt’s in 2020, following the release of their second studio album, Apple Crumble, in November last year.

‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ is out Friday, 31st July.

View the song’s announcement post below.

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