Dozens Arrested For Drug Offences At Sydney Music Festival

Dozens of people have been arrested for drug-related offences at the sold-out Midnight Mafia hardstyle festival in Sydney at the weekend.

Police say they arrested 32 people for drug possession and drug supply at the event in Homebush on Saturday, after searching 207 punters (of the thousands in attendance) during a drug dog operation.

Of those arrested, 19 were charged with possessing MDMA, while six were charged with having cannabis and two were charged for possessing GHB.

Police say they are disappointed by punters’ behaviour at the event, especially when it comes to the amount of people allegedly found carrying drugs.

“Clearly the message is not sinking in,” says Detective Chief Inspector Gus Viera.

“Too many people are playing Russian roulette with their lives, not only is it extremely dangerous, but you are also risking a criminal record and future employment prospects.

“Not to mention the worry and concern you are causing your family and the unknown long term effects these drugs may have on your health. It’s time to start making better choices.”

Four men charged with supplying a prohibited drug at the event were given condition bail, and are set to appear in court in June.

Last year’s Midnight Mafia festival saw two people hospitalised following suspected drug overdoses, while 18 were hit with drug charges.

Earlier this month, Music Feeds reported that Canberra’s Spilt Milk festival is hoping to host an Australian-first pill testing facility at its upcoming event this December.

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