Dr Dre’s 2014 Income Is The Highest Of Any Musician Ever

Forbes have dropped their annual list of the world’s highest paying musicians, with rapper and beats electronics mogul Dr Dre and his $620 million topping the list, besting Beyonce by half a billion dollars. His 2014 earnings also mark the largest single-year haul of any musician, ever

Dre can thank Apple for his top placement, seeing as they forked over $3bn to acquire his Beats Electronics empire earlier this year, making him almost, but not quite, hip hop’s first billionaire.

According to Forbes, Coming in a distant second was Queen Bey, who earned a respectable $115 million, making this year her most lucrative yet, thanks to a surprise album, a tour and various endorsements.

In third place, The Eagles, were the only other act to make the nine figure mark with their $100m in earnings, while fellow relentless tourers Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen followed, having earned $82m and $81m respectively.

Recent Stereosonic act Calvin Harris claimed the highest single-year payday of any DJ ever, according to Forbes, pulling in $66 million this year. “The rise of dance music has been astronomical in the last three years,” he told the publication. “And I happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

Other artists to crack the high earners list include Taylor Swift ($64m), Jay Z ($60m), Bruno Mars ($60m), Rolling Stones ($47m) and Muse ($34m). In crunching the numbers, Forbes considered income from tours, music sales, publishing, merchandise, endorsements and other ventures made between the June 2013-June 2014 financial year.

See the top 10 earning musicians of 2014 as unveiled in the video below, followed by a list of the top 30.

Watch: The World’s Highest-Paid Musicians of 2014


Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2014 list

1. Dr. Dre ($620 million)

2. Beyoncé ($115 million)

3. The Eagles ($100 million)

4. Bon Jovi ($82 million)

5. Bruce Springsteen ($81 million)

6. Justin Bieber ($80 million)

7. One Direction ($75 million)

8. Paul McCartney ($71 million)

9. Calvin Harris ($66 million)

10. Toby Keith ($65 million)

11. Taylor Swift ($64 million)

12. Jay Z ($60 million)(tie)

12. Diddy ($60 million)(tie)

12. Bruno Mars ($60 million)(tie)

15. Justin Timberlake ($57 million)

16. Pink ($52 million)

17. Michael Bublé ($51 million)

18. Rihanna ($48 million)

19. Rolling Stones ($47 million)

20. Roger Waters ($46 million)

21. Elton John ($45 million)

22. Kenny Chesney ($44 million)

23. Katy Perry ($40 million)

24. Jason Aldean ($37 million)(tie)

24. Jennifer Lopez ($37 million)(tie)

26. Miley Cyrus ($36 million)(tie)

26. Celine Dion ($36 million)(tie)

28. Muse ($34 million)(tie)

28. Luke Bryan ($34 million)(tie)

30. Lady Gaga ($33 million)(tie)

30. Drake ($33 million)(tie)

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