Rolling Stones Top Billboard’s Highest Grossing Live Acts List

They first burst out on the scene and began dominating their competition more than four decades ago, and the mighty Rolling Stones just haven’t stopped, according to Billboard, grossing more than $1.5 billion since 1990 and claiming the title of the top-grossing live act over that period.

The music industry publication has just released its list of the 25 highest-grossing live artists since 1990, with music legends the Rolling Stones, whose hit (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction dominated international music charts in 1965, nabbing the number one spot for the amount earned on the road since 1990, a period that began some 25 years after they first hit the airwaves.

Also cracking the $1 billion mark, are the rest of the top five, all veterans of the international touring circuit in their own right. U2 come in second, having also earned over

$1.5 billion, while Bono and co. also earned themselves top spot for attendance, with 20.5 million people lining up to see 526 shows since 1990.

Next on the list is arduous tourer Bruce Springsteen, who celebrates his 65th birthday this year. He earned nearly $1.2 billion while performing 727 shows since 1990. Surprisingly, the Boss is bested in this category by Celine Dion, who has taken to the stage 1143 times in that period, most likely owing to her Las Vegas residency.

Madonna and Bon Jovi round off the top five, with Billboard noting the average age of vocalists in the top 10 sits at 56 (and-a-half) years and more than half of the 25 acts feature artists who are over 60.

The list features only four acts who released their debut albums after 1990. Those are Dave Matthews Band (1993), Toby Keith (1993), Kenny Chesney (1994) and representing this century are international superstars Coldplay (2000).

Australia’s very own AC/DC also managed to scrape into 25th spot having grossed $337 million from 316 shows. See the full list below.

Billboards Top 10 Live Artists From 1990-2014

And the rest…

11. The Police/Sting

Gross: $556,114,962

Attendance: 7,257,611

Shows: 605

12. Roger Waters

Gross: $547,305,412

Attendance: 5,474,759

Shows: 316

13. Paul McCartney

Gross: $505,534,809

Attendance: 5,248,175

Shows: 220

14. Billy Joel

Gross: $499,978,726

Attendance: 10,408,169

Shows: 577

15. Rod Stewart

Gross: $497,033,399

Attendance: 7,885,676

Shows: 714

16. Neil Diamond

Gross: $465,448,371

Attendance: 8,870,666

Shows: 643

17. Metallica

Gross: $432,816,245

Attendance: 8,388,374

Shows: 468

18. Aerosmith

Gross: $417,573,638

Attendance: 8,405,069

Shows: 582

19. George Strait

Gross: $405,034,063

Attendance: 9,736,580

Shows: 584

20. Jimmy Buffett

Gross: $402,756,057

Attendance: 9,746,471

Shows: 539

21. Coldplay

Gross: $378,359,252

Attendance: 5,394,616

Shows: 315

22. Toby Keith

Gross: $361,256,245

Attendance: 8,608,696

Shows: 711

23. Cher

Gross: $351,625,611

Attendance: 4,531,739

Shows: 548

24. Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks

Gross: $349,906,931

Attendance: 4,906,995

Shows: 483

25. AC/DC

Gross: $337,879,092

Attendance: 5,387,353

Shows: 316

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