Luke Steele & Daniel Johns Once Got High And Buried DREAMS Demos Near Windsor Castle

Luke Steele and Daniel Johns‘ collaborative project DREAMS have told a story about the time they got high and buried demoes near Windsor Castle.

The project has been almost two decades in the making but maybe it would have come much sooner if it wasn’t for the time they got high, buried demos and then forgot where they left them.

Speaking to SBS’ The Feed, Steele talked about when they were “young” and “so dramatic”.

“We’d smash up a whole hotel room and be so dramatic and throw a bottle of red wine into the foyer and we’d be like punk rock,” he said.

“We would record next to Windsor Castle and then…we were so high that I’d say to Dan make sure you bury all the songs next to the castle, so he buries all of the demos in a box”

Johns added, “They’re all buried and I couldn’t find them.”

“There’s literally eight demos burnt on a CD buried somewhere…I can’t remember where.”

They were then asked whether there’s anything they regret doing in their careers and Steele said, “I regret burying those first records.”

It’s an incredible story and one that sounds distinctly like something the pair would do. Thankfully, they now have songs that aren’t buried underground and they’re starting to release them.

So far, they’ve dropped ‘No One Defeats Us’ and ‘Silence’.

They are set to make their live debut in Australia at Vivid Sydney in a few weeks time.

Check out the full interview with The Feed here.

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