Daniel Johns & Luke Steele’s DREAMS Announce Debut Album, Drop Huge New Single

The long-incubated sideproject from Aussie music heavyweights Daniel Johns & Luke Steele, DREAMS, is finally launching in full, with the duo announcing their long-awaited debut album.

The first full-length from DREAMS is dubbed No One Defeats Us, and will arrive on Friday, 14th September.

It’s set to feature the previously released title track, plus glitchy follow-up ‘Silence’, and now a brand new 80’s-infused electro-pop-rock toe-tapper dubbed ‘Love To Live’, which comes packing an epic live performance music video shot during one of the group’s spectacular Sydney Opera House shows earlier this year for VIVID LIVE.

“Now is the most challenging time in music,” explains Empire Of The Sun man Steele. “Music now is continually based on social algorithms in a land where the computer is king. Problem is that a computer has no soul.

“When it comes to music, Dan and I both have an undeniable spirit of adventure. DREAMS is a brotherhood, it’s about depth, dimension and sonic satisfaction. We want to live in a world that is moved by music, not measured by it.”

Interestingly, No One Defeats Us was recorded at the iconic Henson Studios and at various key studio stop-offs during the duo’s 15-year-long song-writing odyssey.

Silverchair frontman and other half of DREAMS, Johns, adds: “The essence behind DREAMS is finding the most modern ideas and then having some kind of connection to the past. Whether it’s a reference to Brian Wilson or to Kraftwerk. It’s about including musical elements that have made us the artists we are while ignoring those things that would have been obvious for us to do musically.”

Take their hooky new tune ‘Love To Live’ for a spin below.

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