Could Drones Help Prevent Sexual Assaults At Gigs?

Sexual assault at gigs and music festivals is one of the hardest crimes to police due to the anonymity that large crowds provide offenders, but now a security company in Hobart thinks it may have the solution.

Company owner Greg spoke anonymously to The Examiner and believes that music festivals in particular could use drone cameras in mosh pits to keep an eye out for sexual assaults and other mosh-pit crimes.

Greg said he briefs his staff about sexual assault on dealing with offenders before they work at events and also stations staff in plain clothes, but that the responsibility could be better shared with the use of drones. He also believes that sexual assault is “a showstopper for everyone” and is preventing Tasmania’s festival industry from growing.

“Promoters are trying to get good music for [Tasmania], but if this sort of thing happens, no-one will come,” he said.

A number of festivals including Coachella already employ at their festivals, for the purpose of filming and streaming performances online, so its definitely conceivable that those drones could be used for multiple purposes.

Check out Coachella’s largely drone-shot 2016 promo video below

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