Aussie Rapper Accuses Die Antwoord’s Ninja Of “Trafficking”, Sexual Abuse & More In Explosive New Diss Track

CONTENT WARNING: The following article discusses allegations of abuse.

Queensland rapper Zheani has made a number of serious and disturbing allegations about Die Antwoord‘s Ninja in an explosive new song titled ‘The Question’.

In the diss track, the Bundaberg-born artist, who grew up in the coastal town of 1770, accuses the Die Antwoord member Ninja of “trafficking” her to South Africa and alleges that the “sick individual” was fascinated by her resemblance to his own daughter with bandmate Yolandi Visser.

As well as accusations of fan grooming, she also accuses him of sexual abuse and intimidation, ritualistic torture and revenge pornography. “I’m about to pay the pied piper / Your luck’s up / You shared those photos while on set with Blomkamp / Emailed them to Copely that was a crime c*nt / Sex offending arse come to ‘stralia get locked up,” she raps.

Zheani uploaded a DIY performance music video for the track to YouTube on Monday (18th March), which has since clocked up 70K views. It contains multiple screenshots of social media posts, news articles and alleged private explicit texts between Ninja and herself dating back to 2013.

“All I wanted was to move on with my life and leave their shit behind,” the Aussie musician and alternative model writes in the clip’s description. “I wanted to draw the line and finally speak the truth and stand up for myself. I can see through you people and I am no longer afraid of you.

“I never intended to release any of this evidence but I was called a liar by thousands of people. Honour and dignity are all you have in this world. So watch me set myself on fire.”

In the clip, Zheani also claims that Die Antwoord have sent her a cease and desist letter, threatening to sue for defamation over her claims. Meanwhile, ‘The Question’ doesn’t only take aim at Die Antwoord member Ninja.

“Go Fuck yourself Yolandi,” Zheani raps, referring to Ninja’s co-pilot in Die Antwoord. “I don’t give a fuck you spent a decade with the man / Getting brainwashed by this man / You’re still playing out his plan / And grooming up his fucking fans.”

Yolandi has since taken to Instagram, publishing two very lengthy posts rubbishing the Aussie rapper’s claims and writing her off as a “fan girl” and a “Clout Chaser”.

“This girl is ticking all the boxes of a Crazy Person here,” Visser writes. “It has come to my attention that a DA fan girl called ZHEANI has accused me of some really horrible things.

“I dont usually respond to these things as people say shit abt [sic] me all the time. But this time she has attacked my family including my daughter.”

Visser goes on to mock Zheani’s “insane story” that she was “trafficked out” to South Africa by the band. “Trafficking [involves] kidnapping btw”, the Die Antwoord member writes, detailing an alternate account of her run-ins with the Aussie, which she says took place during the band’s 2011 Australian tour with the Big Day Out.

“She also said I tortured her and put her in a satanic ritual,” Visser continues. “(Just for the record me and ninja are Buddhists, we practise yoga, meditate and are vegetarian. Yes our music and videos are crazy as we are Surreal Artists).”

You can read Yolandi’s statements in full, and watch the video for Zheani’s ‘The Question’ below.

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CLOUT CHASER part 1 It has come to my attention that a DA fan girl called ZHEANI has accused me of some really horrible things. I dont usually respond to these things as people say shit abt me all the time. But this time she has attacked my family including my daughter. Me and ninja broke up in 2013- I started seeing someone else. And Ninja had a bunch of girlfriends at the time. One of them was a fangirl from Australia called Zheani, who Ninja invited to south africa to visit him. She accepted the invite and came to visit shortly after. i think she stayed in SA a total of 4 days or something… (might of been bit longer.. cant remember) i only saw them once during her visit. As you can imagine it was a lil awkward cos our break up was still kinda fresh. I bumped into Ninja and this girl and she asked me for a foto. My first impression of her was she seemed like an obsessive DA fan girl – her hair was cut exactly like mine but she also seemed sweet. Ninja told me aside that after meeting her in person, he didnt really have chemistry with her. Shortly after this he cut the trip short an she returned to Australia. But Ninja felt bad because he said she was a nice person. And they stayed friends on txt. A year or so later (cant remember exact dates) we played at the Big Day out Festival in Australia. Zheani hit us up and asked us if she could help us get Vegan food on tour. We said yes as i thought that was a cool idea. So our management hired her as a PA for our crew. She brought me vegan food every morning on tour – she was really sweet and knew her food well. But when we were backstage i did notice she was trying very hard to hit on 2CHAINZ the rapper who was touring with us. she gave him her number 10 seconds after meeting him and kept hitting on him and his crew the whole time. I thought this was kind of lame – but not a big deal. Anyway the tour ended and the last time i saw this girl she brought me a vegan burger in my hotel room. I said good bye, gave her a a hug and I never heard from her again. ninja told me he stopped speaking to her after the tour because he said she was irritating. (tbc see nxt post)

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