Dune Rats’ Slurpee Bong Is Exactly What 7-11 Should Have Expected

In case you have spent the day shielded by a social media blackout, we are currently about 20 hours into 7-Eleven’s majestical BYO Slurpee Cup Day, an annual celebration of the Slurpee where customers are invited to bring along their receptacle of choice and fill it to the brim with the sweet, sugary treat. It’s a beloved annual event and today Brisbane’s Dune Rats have taken the challenge to a whole new level.

The rules of BYO Slurpee Cup Day are deliciously simple. Slurpee enthusiasts head to their local 7/11 with their ridiculously-sized/comedically shaped “cup” in tow and proceed to fill it with rivers of Slurpee, for which they are charged mere dollars. Social media sharing of their triumph is actively encouraged.

Such receptacles usually include buckets, large eskies, water coolers or, as demonstrated here by the gleeful Brisbane punk rock pied pipers, a homemade bong, which gives a whole new meaning to the term “brain-freeze”.

And why not? Anything goes on BYO Cup Day.

Dune Rates are currently in the midst of a national tour, which continues this Saturday, 27th September at Hobart’s Republic Bar. See the all the tour dates here.

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