Let The Earliest Footage Of Tool Performing Live Soothe Your Burning Desire

In times of an uncertain and at times bleak future, it helps to look to the past for reprieve. So, in that sense, some much-needed reprieve has arrived for neglected Tool fans who wait with bated breath for the band’s new album, with allegedly the earliest-ever live footage of the band surfacing online.

As Alternative Nation points out, the footage (below) is dated back to 7th October 1991, and confirms that Maynard James Keenan is, in fact a vampire, given the noticeable lack of ageing in the 25 years since. In the video, the band perform two Tool staples — Hush, which was released a year later on Opiate EP, and Sober, which would appear again on 1993’s Undertow.

The performance is said to have gone down at a Hollywood club called Club With No Name, and with the band in their first year together, there’s already a noticeable ~je ne sais quoi~ about the rag-tag ensemble.

Meanwhile, Tool’s official statement on their long-awaited new studio album, at this point in time, appears to be, “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”, but slowly but surely updates are slipping through the cracks. So, we at Music Feeds can confidently say there’s a new album coming, but it might not be anytime soon.

Watch Tool’s supposed first-ever live videos, below.

CORRECTION 17/08/16: A previous version of this story stated that Undertow was released in 2003. It has now been edited with the correct year, 1993.

Watch: Tool – ‘Hush’ (1991)

Watch: Tool – ‘Sober’ (1991)

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