Watch Tool Perform ‘7empest’ Live For The First Time, In Sydney

Tool are currently undertaking their first Australian tour in over seven years, and they’ve already given Sydney fans a huge treat: the debut live performance of their Grammy-winning track ‘7empest.’

‘7empest’ is taken from the band’s latest album Fear Inoculum, their first album in 13 years. And, for whatever reason, they decided to give its debut performance at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Tuesday, 18th February.

According to, the band have actually played Fear Inoculum in its (almost) entirety this tour, which seems fitting given that its their first album in over a decade. Including this performance of ‘7empest’, the band have played six out of seven Fear Inoculum tracks in Australia – ‘Pneuma’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Chocolate Chip Trip’, ‘Descending’ and the title track. The only track they’re yet to perform is ‘Culling Voices’.

As well as debuting ‘7empest’, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor also did a struggling musician a huge solid and gave them a free ticket to the concert.

Music Feeds was present at the band’s first Sydney show of the tour on Monday, 17th February. We said it was “an incredible night of primordial rhythms and trance-like compositions, transcending the audience into another space and time.”

Despite the band’s notorious ‘no-phone-or-you’re-getting-kicked-out’ rule, someone managed to get some sneaky footage of the ‘7empest’ performance. You can watch that clip below.

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