Ed Sheeran Just Made His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Debut & Thronies Aren’t Digging It

Unlike the majority of its characters, Game Of Thrones hasn’t fucked around in episode one of season seven, delivering us the long-promised Ed Sheeran cameo we’ve all been waiting for straight out of the gate.

Sheero plays a kissed-by-fire minstrel clothed in Lannister knights’ finery during his in-your-face Westeros cameo, and Thronies don’t seem to have responded well to it at all. In fact, you could say they’re Stark raving mad.

The Twitterverse has exploded with snide jabs at the pop superstar’s Thrones debut, with the general consensus being that Sheeran’s generous screen time and ample close-ups during his single-scene cameo with Arya Stark was the equivalent of the camera shouting at us “Hey look it’s Ed Sheeran! OMG Look you guys, it’s Ed Sheeran! Ed Sheeran, you guys! Look, look, look!”.

TBH it feels like a jarring fourth-wall break in a series whose fourth wall has, for six seasons, been basically big enough to keep white walkers at bay. Here’s what Twitter had to say about the whole thing:

During Sheeran’s cameo scene, he sits around the fire crooning a tune, which all our GOT #bookbros will recognise as ‘Hands of Gold’ by the bard Symon Silver Tongue, which was written as a kind of blackmail song about The Imp, Tyrion Lannister, and his cloak-and-dagger relationship with ex-prostitute Shae (RIP).

But we would also have accepted ‘Winterfell Girl’ or ‘Shape Of Euron Greyjoy’.

See what you make of Ed Sheeran’s Game Of Thrones cameo in the clip below, and ICYMI: you can catch Symon Silver Tongue himself touring Australia in 2018.

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