Ed Sheeran Shutdown A Story That He’s Building A Wall Around His House To Keep Out The Homeless

There’s no way celebrities can respond to all the ridiculous rumours in the news about them but Ed Sheeran was particularly annoyed about a recent story.

British newspaper The Sun wrote that Sheeran was building a 5 foot wall around his house to keep out homeless people.

Sheeran directly addressed the author of the piece on Instagram writing, “Your story is bollocks.”

“I have done lots of work in the past for crisis and shelter and would never build railings outside my home for that reason.”

Sheeran was actually trying to keep the paparazzi away from his London house.

He’s previously worked with charities like Shelter and Crisis that work to end homelessness which is probably why he was so immediately upset by the story.

It doesn’t seem like Sheeran is at home much these days. He just wrapped up an Australian tour where he played to over a million people.

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