Eddie Vedder Explains Pearl Jam’s ‘Let It Go’ Cover

Pearl Jam made headlines last week after covering the inescapable chart-topper Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack. The band’s technophobic frontman Eddie Vedder has now taken to Twitter by proxy to explain the machinations behind the grunge legends’ inexplicable cover of the track.

“So that clip of Pearl Jam doing the song from Frozen? That was a request — from Eddie Vedder’s five-year-old daughter,” tweeted Vedder’s friend Tom Tomorrow. “Just got off the phone with Ed and he told me I should tweet that. He also wants everyone to know his daughter sings it better.”

Though Vedder did seem to strain on a few of those higher notes, we have to hand it to him and the rest of the band for seamlessly weaving the song into their own classic, Daughter. Of course, we must say that we still prefer singer Gail Folsom‘s Game of ThronesFrozen mashup, Let it Go(T).

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