Eddie Vedder Updates Pearl Jam’s ‘Wishlist’ Lyrics To Attack Donald Trump

During their recent show in New York City, Pearl Jam and in particular frontman Eddie Vedder had some choice words to say about contemporary American politics, the choicest of words saved from who else but Donald ‘Tiny Hands’ Trump. This wasn’t just some embittered tirade by an aging rocker though, as Vedder let his art do the talking – by which I mean the singing.

Incorporating some rather politically-charged lyrical additions into their performance of Wishlist – from the band’s album Yield – Vedder and co let loose on The Donald, referencing his overly vocal defense of his penis size in the new version of the song.

“Even I’d be better than some of these men,” Vedder sang in the opening moments of the lyrical departure. Things didn’t stay calm for long though

“Fuck Donald Trump,” Vedder spat with venom. “It’s like his penis gets smaller every time he says ‘huge.’”

It wasn’t only The Donald he sang about though, with Vedder throwing some comments across to the other side of the political sphere acknowledging that while, “I like Hillary, I can feel the Bern.”

Closing the expanded rendition of the track, Vedder rounded it out with a good old call to action for young voters to make themselves heard.

“All you young voters, it’s time you were heard/ Please don’t stop, don’t ever give up.”

While Kanye’s campaign for 2020 has been a little quiet recently, maybe it’s time for Vedder to step up to the presidential plate.

Watch the video for yourself herem with the Trump specific lyrics starting at 4:00.

Watch: Pearl Jam – Wishlist

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