Eels And Volcano Choir Headline Tours In 2014, Says AJ Maddah

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has taken to Twitter to update fans on the status of previously-announced Harvest Festival replacement shows, after the 2013 Harvest event was cancelled. Maddah revealed that Eels and Justin Vernon‘s Volcano Choir will do full headline tours next year.

In response to a fan’s question regarding Eels, Maddah announced that Mark Oliver Everett‘s irreverent ensemble will “now do a full headline tour next year.” Likewise Volcano Choir, one of the most anticipated acts on the 2013 Harvest lineup, will “now do a proper headline tour next year.” Meanwhile, the situation surrounding Nebraskan post-hardcore group Desaparecidos and arguably the biggest Harvest 2013 draw, Neutral Milk Hotel is less clear.

In response to a fan who tweeted Maddah to ask if Desaparecidos will still be doing shows, Maddah replied in the affirmative, saying “Yes. Trying to work out if they will come out at the same time or slightly later.” Maddah’s tweet seems to imply that the Conor Oberst-led group may be coming later in the year, meaning the shows won’t strictly be Harvest replacement gigs.

Fuelling confusion over just when fans will get to see Desaparecidos, when asked if fans can “expect any more announcements today?” on Friday, Maddah replied “Hoping to announce NMH on Monday,” making no mention of Desaparecidos. Maddah followed suit 24 hours later when asked if there are “anymore Harvest band shows to be announced?” tweeting “Yep. NMH.”

Maddah then amended his original statement, telling another fan that Neutral Milk Hotel will be announced “Hopefully Tuesday,” adding “We just need to get them to agree [to a] new schedule.”

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