Paramore Australian Tour Announcement Coming “Very Soon”, Says AJ Maddah

UPDATE: Paramore Announce 2018 Australian Tour

ORIGINAL STORY: The ~hard times~ waiting for Paramore to return to our shores are almost OVER because Hayley Williams and co. are apparently primed to announce a brand new Aussie tour.

That’s according to Soundwave boss-turned-touring-oracle AJ Maddah, who’s teased that the pop punk graduates will be dropping a new stack of down under dates “very soon”.

Answering a fan’s Twitter enquiry about whether Paramore might be swinging by shortly, Maddah — who FYI booked the band twice for Soundwave (RIP) — replied “YES! Announcement soon””

Then, fielding a separate fan enquiry, he responded: “Paramore tour is happening! I’d expect announcement very soon.”

Finally, when pressed as to whether he knows when the announcement might be going down, Maddah cheekily responded:

We’ll leave it on you to hit ~Decode~ on that one!

ICYMI: since the collapse of Soundwave, Maddah has been making a habit of playing Nostradamus with Aussie tour announcements, successfully predicting the most recent tours from both Slipknot and Underoath (although we’re still waiting for that Metallica prediction to materialise).

If Maddah is on the money and Paramore do announce a forthcoming Aussie tour, it’ll mark their first since January of 2014. Well past due, we reckon!

The band just dropped their very new-wave inspired fifth album After Laughter, which apparently shamelessly rips off Tame Impala. We can’t hold that against them, though.

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