Eminem Finds Home Intruder In His Living Room

A 26 year-old fan reportedly broke into Eminem’s house some time last month, according to TMZ.

Reports say that the fan entered Eminem’s gated property and snuck past his security guards before smashing his kitchen window with a paving stone to gain entry to the house.

The rapper’s Detroit home was apparently broken into at 4am, one morning in April. With the disturbance setting off an alarm, which then woke Eminem up. Eminem then confronted the 26-year-old breaking and entering suspect after finding him in his living room.

The suspect was then detained by the rapper’s security guards who had run inside after hearing the altercation.

He was held until the police showed up. No one was hurt and nothing was stolen. The man was charged with first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building.

He apparently didn’t want to steal anything and just wanted to meet the rapper. He was charged a $50,000USD bond at the Macomb County Jail, making it potentially the most expensive meet and greet of all time.

In more wholesome news, Eminem has been busy throughout the pandemic, donating his Mum’s spaghetti to hospital workers.

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