Ronnie Radke & Vince Staples Are Embroiled In A Hilarious Twitter Biff About Eminem

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke is currently embroiled in a heated social media biffo with rapper Vince Staples and it’s all about Eminem.

This is a legitimate thing that is happening.

At the centre of their feud is the real Slim Shady’s recent BET Hip-Hop Awards freestyle performance, in which the MC fired a spray of flow at President Of The United States (but apparently not the Virgin Islands) Donald Trump.

Apparently Staples wasn’t too impressed with the rap, taking to Twitter to express his opinion that “It was trash”.

“He can do better.” Staples argued, adding: “If I said, ‘This is for Colin/Ball up a fist/And keep it balled up/Like Donald the bitch’, they would be like, ‘Get this nigga out of here’.”

Despite him later claiming the slag sesh was a “joke”, Staples copped the wrath of a Twitterverse full of Em fans, including the former Escape The Fate singer.

“Man I don’t know you and you can have an opinion but I think your ass is a straight liar,” Radke spat back. “Em will end your career, tread lightly.”

And so began a hilariously heated Twitter battle that involved Staples creating an actual online poll to see if people thought his mate Lil Uzi was a bigger rockstar than Radke, before directing the rocker to “Unhinge my black dick”.


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