Eminem Reunites 8 Mile Cast 10 Years On To Pay Tribute To Brittany Murphy

It’s crazy to think that it was 10 years ago that the semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile was released, but in celebration of the milestone, Eminem has gathered the crew in tribute to their late co-star Brittany Murphy.

The young star played Eminem’s love interest thoughout the film, bearing a loose resemblance to Eminem’s real life ex-wife Kim. According to Contact Music, former co-stars Mekhi Phifer, Anthony Mackie, Evan Jones and Omar Benson Miller met with Eminem for an exclusive Vibe magazine cover story revolving around the 10th anniversary of the 2002 film.

Recalling his time with Murphy, Mathers stated: “Brittany was a good person, a super-nice girl. She was very down-to-earth; she’d talk to anybody.” Even Jones also commented in the joint interview that “(She was) a really good actress. She brought so much to that role”, while Phifer adds, “She was bubbly”. Last but not least, Mackie praised her talent as an actor: “She was always speaking positively, and when it was time to get busy, she got busy! Like Evan said, she brought a lot to the role. I remember reading it and not thinking there was so much on the page.”

Murphy passed away late 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest linked to previous ailments: pneumonia and anaemia.

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