Enjoy This Video Of Paul Rudd Living His Best Life At A Foo Fighters Gig

We’ve all lost our bloody minds at a gig before, and almost all of us have lost our mind to a Foo Fighters song once in our lives.

Well, actor Paul Rudd has found the best of both worlds and has been spotted living his best life at a recent Fooeys gig in Atlanta.

Rudd was spotted headbanging his little heart out to Foo Fighters’ cover of ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by The Ramones and a video was filmed by writer and performer Aaron Chewning, who shared the immortal moment on Twitter.

It’s a real shame that Paul Rudd isn’t the actor Dave Grohl wants to play him in a biopic – that honour goes to Shelley Duvall. But, since Duvall hasn’t acted in almost two decades, maybe it’s Rudd’s time to shine.

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