Entire Internet Accuses Daft Punk Of Ripping Off Korean Guitarist

The Internet is currently abuzz with insightful discussion and profound commentary over yet another of life’s most important issues: Did Daft Punk steal the idea for Get Lucky from a Korean guitarist? The question has been raised on Reddit after one productive member of society found the below footage which was recorded as far back as 2011, which is, like, way before 2013. CONSPIRACY!

You don’t need to be a budding Mozart to realise that Robot Dance (ROBOT! DANCE!), performed by Zack Kim, sounds uncannily similar to Daft Punk’s megahit Get Lucky. As the young guitarist loops his way through different layers, only to solo over the top of them using his best (the best?) John Mayer face, the track begins to sound more and more like the lead single off Random Access Memories.

Of course, the Internet is known for its high level of scholarly debate, and the hubbub surrounding Robot Dance is enthralling. One popular school of thought is that (no!) Daft Punk somehow found this video, (what?!) waited a few years and then (GTFOOOOOO?!?!) reassembled the whole thing and chucked some Pharrell vocals into the mix! So no-one would ever know they weren’t talentless hacks! THOSE DUPLICITOUS FRENCH BASTARDS!

Another way of looking at it is that there are only so many ways you can really play guitar, only so many chord progressions that are musically pleasing, so you’re bound to get crossover from time to time. In fact, this Kim kid probably ripped the song off from someone like, say, Nile Rodgers.

Which side of the fence are you on? Decide for yourself below.

Watch: Zack Kim – Robot Dance

Watch: Daft Punk – Get Lucky

(Via Do Androids Dance)

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