Eso Releases Video Apology For “Hurtful And Damaging” Photos

Following days of public scrutiny, Bliss N Eso‘s Max MacKinnon, or MC Eso, has issued another apology, in the form of a video, for the series of misogynistic photos he posted to Instagram earlier this week.

“Violence against women is unacceptable and something that should never be joked about. While I appreciate the support from my loyal fans, what I did cannot be excused,” Eso says in the video. “I condemn any abuse aimed at those who have expressed outrage at my photos.”

The MC posted the video to the Bliss N Eso Facebook page, where he also linked to The White Ribbon Campaign, where people can donate and help take action to end violence against women.

Earlier this week, Eso apologised with a brief statement on Instagram, after posting a series of sexist photos with waxworks of Rihanna, Raquel Welch and Lady Gaga on a recent visit to Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. Amongst the photos was one that showed the MC threateningly holding his fist up to Rihanna, referencing her 2009 assault by then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

He was met with a barrage of criticism online, including condemnation from fellow artists in the Australian hip-hop community. “While I immediately realised the photos I posted were offensive and expressed my regret for posting them,” said Eso, “it has only been through reading people’s comments over the past few days that I’ve come to appreciate just how hurtful and damaging these are to women.”

Watch: Eso’s Video Apology

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