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Eves Karydas Releases New Single ‘Take 2’ From Upcoming Album ‘Burnt Tapes’

Eves Karydas has released her new single titled “Take 2″ from her upcoming new album “Burnt Tapes” which is set to be released on 5th July. 

The track “Take 2” is a song about making life even out of chaos. It is about finding light even in the most dramatic moments that life offers and it is about making the most out of every moment. 

Eves Karydas – ‘Take 2’

Eves Karydas explains her song. “As with most of my songs,I find it hard to write about anything serious without a bit of self deprecation and light hearted detachment. Perhaps it’s my way of processing any negativity in my life. Take 2 is no exception. I wrote it after recognising the objective ridiculousness in having an argument in the condiments aisle at the supermarket. For my own sanity I have to laugh at my own drama.”

Eves further said, “It’s not an album “made on a computer”. I wanted to capture imperfection and the feeling of a bunch of people in a room playing music together. I hope it at least stands out as something different in this era of overly compressed social media soundbites.”

The album “Burnt Tapes” has a rendition of powerful tracks that get our hearts to beat faster and boasts a lot of energy. 

You can stream the new single ‘Take 2’ here.

Burnt Tapes’ Tracklist:


Sunday Drive

Hair Down

Burnt Tapes

Call Me!

Take 2


Best Light

Save Me For A Saturday

Weird Energy / Thick Of It


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