Ever Wondered What The Beatles Got Up To After Their Abbey Road Photoshoot?

Thursday, 26th September will mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Abbey Road. Today though, marks 50 years since they recorded the album at Abbey Road Studios and 50 years since that infamous photo was taken.

Now, we have a diary entry from The Beatles’ roadie which details what the four ‘Beatles got up to that day. Turns out that legendary photoshoot on the pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road didn’t take long at all.

Beatles podcast host, Jason Carty says there were only six photographs taken. He says there were no managers or stylists and the shoot was over so quickly, they had two or three hours to kill before their recording session.

Carty then revealed what The Beatles did after the photoshoot.

“John & Paul went around the corner to Paul’s house. Ringo went shopping. George went to the zoo,” he said, quoting a diary entry from Mal Evans — The Beatles’ “roadie/fixer/pal”.

Abbey Road Studios tweeted today, “50 years ago today, @TheBeatles gathered at EMI Studios for one of the most prolific photoshoots of their career.”

“A policeman held up the traffic as photographer Iain Macmillan took six shots of the group walking across the zebra crossing just outside the studio.”

Read the diary entry from The Beatles’ roadie down below.

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