Everything You Need To Know About Bolster’s New Workshops For Budding Music Industry Professionals

Just four years after launch, Melbourne agency Bolster has grown from buzzy local opener to genuine rockstars of the digital marketing game; utilising their creative digital marketing genius to help clients like Chugg Entertainment, Falls Festival, Groovin the Moo, Blundstone and YouTube Music achieve epic results. Now they’re using their learnings to help you level-up, so pay attention because we’re all about to get taken to school by Blocks.

What’s that?

Blocks is a series of accessible, inclusive and affordable workshops designed to teach and upskill the next generation of industry professionals (that’s you!).

Sounds dope, how’s it work?

The workshops are both online and face-to-face run out of Bolster’s office in Collingwood, with other cities to be added soon.

What will I learn?

Blocks kicks off with a crash course in digital advertising in music run by Bolster’s expert digital team. The course aims to equip attendees with all the skills needed to run a killer end-to-end campaign.

“You’ll walk away with a rock-solid foundation of fundamental marketing skills as they relate to the music and entertainment industry,” says program director, Lauren Mitchell. “We’ll cover everything from channel planning and audience profiling to campaign structure and analysis. Ultimately, we want to empower people to take the skills they’ve learned at Blocks and do it for themselves.”

This isn’t just some Uni style theory dump either, Blocks courses will use anonymous learnings from real-world campaigns in real-time, meaning that the knowledge that you gain, will not only be useful today but as Bolster are ahead of the game, it’ll prepare you to own tomorrow.

TLDR? They’ll teach you how to get the clicks that’ll make you legit!

Wait why are they giving away all of their secrets?

“Since the beginning Bolster has always been about knowledge sharing,” says co-founder Anthony Zaccaria.

“We’ve hosted panels and workshops at conferences such as BIGSOUND, CHANGES, and even our own Side B conference. Blocks builds on that, channelling our years of industry experience into something informative, practical, and hopefully fun.”

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! The Bolster team have loved and worked in music for years and feel very passionately about our community and how they can support it. As program director Lauren Mitchell puts it;

“Blocks felt like a natural progression for us to be able to work with anyone in our community that wants to be empowered to take the skills they’ve learnt in the program and do it for themselves to grow their brand, product, presence or otherwise”.

“We work in music & digital every day! We know those consumer markets and we’re specialists when it comes to digital marketing and making social tools work for our use cases. We’re driven by real industry knowledge, having run thousands of campaigns for the countries biggest festivals, labels, touring companies and artists. We wanted to take this opportunity to work with more people in the community and help them up-skill”.

The flexibility of delivery also helps Blocks stand out from the crowd. “The learning styles are flexible – we want them to be able to fit in around people’s lives and for it to be an easy commitment to make”.

Is it expensive?

Not really and Bolster are working on establishing connections with local, state and national organisations to offer discounts to members to help ensure communities feel encouraged to upskill themselves in new and exciting areas.

“We’ve worked really hard to ensure that our workshops are accessible from a number of different perspectives. Each of the different learning pathways – online, face-to-face, part-time and intensive – are priced at $695, however, we currently have a launch offer at the discounted price of $495. We’ll soon have payment plans, so you can pay in easy instalments and certain industry members will get discounts too”.

And while dollars play a massive role in marketing this course can help level the playing field a bit, by giving me more bang for limited bucks.

Sounds sweet, how do I enrol?

Blocks is now live at If you’re interested in a class, it’s super easy to register. Just head to the site, click on the workshop and choose your path, that is, IRL or URL (get it?) From there, choose your desired date and payment method and you’re done. The first lot of workshops will kick-off in February 2020.

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