Ex-Emmure Members Are Apparently Looking For A New Singer On Craigslist

The bizarre saga surrounding US metalcore act Emmure just took an even more bizarre plot twist.

ICYMI: last year the band suffered a shock four member exodus, in which every single member of the band except vocalist Frankie Palmeri abruptly walked out the door.

Palmeri has since unveiled the re-jigged lineup of Emmure 2.0 which TBH is basically just Glass Cloud, and it’s left fans wondering what the four now-ex members of the collective – AKA Jesse Ketive, Mark Davis, Mike Mulholland and Adam Pierce – might do next.

Well, it looks like we could have our answer.

Metal Sucks has just flagged up a post on Craigslist, which seems to have been commissioned by at least some of the musos who quit the band last year.

They’re scouting for a clean vocalist, who wants to make music “in the vein of Bring Me The Horizon’s new album”.

Check it:


Whether or not this post is legit or else some kind of whack troll remains to be seen, but it’d be kind of a weird thing to lie about.

Either way, it sounds like they’ve already got some new tunes in the bag, and BMTH’s new album rules so bring it awn. Let’s hope they find the right man (or woman) for the job and maybe we’ll see them real soon. UNIFY Gathering 2018?

Watch: Emmure – ‘A Gift A Curse’

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