Ex-Footballer Wrote The Chord Progression For Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’

Justin Parker, a 34-year-old ex-footballer, wrote the chord progression for Lana Del Rey’s viral hit Video Games. Parker has just been nominated for the Ivor Novello songwriting awards for his contribution to Video Games.

Photo: Jason Parker

In an interview with The Independent, Parker spoke about the writing of Video Games and his experience working with Lana Del Rey:

“I wrote the chord sequence for the verse at home in Lincoln and thought ‘that sounds like a Lana song to me…She was amazing, she followed every chord. She wrote the lyrics and it was all written in three hours. There’s a melancholic side to her and we’ve both had dark times, so it was a natural progression for the song to feel that way.”

Apparently the record company didn’t like the track and refused to release it.

“No one [Interscope Records] liked it…We thought it was really special but they didn’t think it was a single”, Parker said.

According to the BBC, Parker worked with Lana Del Rey as a writer for around 12 months. They wrote a total of 12 songs, 5 of which made the it onto Born To Die.

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