Ex-Paramore Guitarist Josh Farro Talks About The Chances Of Him Rejoining The Band

Former Paramore guitarist Josh Farro caused a stir in 2010 when he unceremoniously exited the band with his lil bro – and drummer – Zac in tow, and then penned a tell-all blog slagging the group as “a manufactured product of a major label”.

Flash-forward to 2016 and Farro is busy with his new self-titled solo project, and it looks like he’s got no immediate plans to rejoin Paramore.

“The thought has crossed my mind before, but I don’t think so,” he tells NME in a new interview. “It would be interesting to ever be asked to rejoin the band but I don’t think it would ever happen, and I wouldn’t join again because I’m trying to focus on my career and I really believe in my music.”

But the good news is Farro and his ex-girlfriend – Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams – are now chill again.

Williams had previously dubbed Farro’s exit from the band “the worst day of her life”, but now it seems the pair are back on “good terms”.

“We don’t hang out every day but definitely we’ll see each other around and we’re totally cool now,” he says. “We bump into each other and chat like old friends. It’s a good feeling to know that you’re on good terms with someone you had a bad breakup with, so all’s well now.

“Maybe one day we’ll be really good friends again and be able to hang out, but as of right now it’s taking those next steps of ‘okay at first it was raw and nobody wanted to talk to each other’ and now I feel we’re at that stepping stone where we can be in each other’s presence and it’s good now and everybody feels great, but maybe that next step is hanging out. Who knows? Maybe it’s in the near future.”

Founding bassist Jeremy Davis also left Paramore in 2015, becoming the sixth member to vacate since they formed. It prompted Hayley Williams to cast doubt on the future of Paramore stating that she had “no idea what is next”.

Farro, meanwhile, will release his debut album Walkways with his eponymous solo project on February 5th.

Catch his single, Cliffs, below.

Watch: Farro – Cliffs


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