Ex-POTUS George W. Bush Responds To Kanye West ‘Famous’ Video

In between his regular morning Threat Matrix debriefing and his daily efforts to cover up whether or not jet fuel can melt steal beams, former President Of The United States Of America George W. Bush (Jr.) has been keeping up to speed on all things Kanye West and wants you to know he knows about the whole being naked in Famous video thing.

And what’s more, he’s kinda cool about it. Bush has elected an official rep to respond to the situation, telling The White House Press room TMZ “In case there was any doubt … that is not President Bush… He is in much better shape.” Lol, gross.

Is this an official statement on the former commander-in-chief’s health? Does he just have a bunch of minions running around telling reporters their boss is in good shape? We can now safely say probably.

For those not as up to speed on this weekend’s pop culture as Dubbja, Kanye West really threw a rock at the ol’ Hollywood hornets nest with his latest video for Famous. The clip features just about every celebrity ever laying naked in bed.

Of course, Kanye portraying people naked without their permission has upset some people by the sounds of things. Which, sadly, seems to have been the plan. Not Bush though, homeboy’s just stoked to be thought of still.

Watch some of the NSFW music video in question, here below.

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