EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Give Bec Sandridge’s ‘In The Fog’ EP A Spin Ahead Of Its Friday Release

You’d have to put in some solid effort to not be familiar with Bec Sandridge. The native siren has been an ever-present feature on the airwaves, received copious amounts of love in the lead up to her forthcoming EP In The Fog, which drops this Friday.

By now, we’re sure you’re familiar with lead tracks In The Fog, In The Flame and the stinging You’re A Fucking Joke, and most recently Sandridge unfurled the latest track High Tide, which came hand in hand with the woozy, blue-lit official music video. Now, it’s time to hear what’s left.

Speaking about her impending body of work, Sandridge explains, “I’ve been sitting on this EP ‘In The Fog’ for two years now, so it’s been a while coming… I’ve been itching to get these songs out but at the same time didn’t want to rush a release. It’s a nice mix of sad, angry boogies…”

Following the release of the EP, Sandridge hits the summer festival circuit, and hits it hard. You’ll be able to catch the In The Fog live at Festival Of The Sun, Fairgrounds Festival, Ozfest and both Twilight events in Sydney and Melbourne.

So once again, you’re going to have to put some serious effort in to miss Bec Sandridge. Catch Music Feeds‘ exclusive stream of her In The Fog EP, below.

Listen: Bec Sandridge – ‘In The Fog’ EP

Watch: Bec Sandridge – ‘High Tide’

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