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Bec Sandridge on Ten Songs That Inspired Her New Single ‘Cost of Love’

Bec Sandridge’s new single, ‘Cost of Love’, represents the artist’s wide-ranging influences. Sandridge’s unmistakable voice remains at the centre of ‘Cost of Love’, but the song’s stylistic genealogy is multi-layered. “If Shania Twain and Daft Punk met at an 80s aerobics class, sweatily hooked up and had a gay baby, she would be named ‘Cost of Love’,” said Sandridge.

The single – which Sandridge created in partnership with producer/co-writer Dave Jenkins Jr and songwriter Lucy Taylor – is the first taste of Sandridge’s upcoming EP, Lost Dog, which is out on Friday, 7th October.

Bec Sandridge – ‘Cost of Love’

Sandridge shares her affection for ten songs that inspired ‘Cost of Love’.

Sheryl Crow – ‘All I Wanna Do’

I love the way Sheryl invites us into a tiny, dark dive bar somewhere in the States. When writing the lyrics to this bad gal, I wanted to kind of emulate Sheryl’s story telling, whereby a billion words are crammed into a singular line. Now that we’re about to go on tour, I’m beginning to regret this decision.

Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’

During lockdown, I became obsessed with vocoder sounds, in particular the one that Daft Punk use on this record. We ended up working with Tony Buchen who has the exact vocoder they used, and it’s sprinkled throughout the chorus of ‘Cost of Love’. You’ll hear it a little more on the rest of my EP. I also love the disco guitars on this track – the tone is so good. There’s a couple little disco guitar moments of ‘Cost of Love’ that are nods to this song, I’d say.

Caroline Polachek – ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’

Overall, I’m just obsessed with this song. The sentiment about having a crush and being sad about it and feeling hopeless in love is kind of carried throughout the messaging of ‘Cost of Love’. Caroline also computerises her voice in a really slick way, which I’m into, too.

Shania Twain – ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’

I have this on vinyl and admittedly I love the non-radio edit. The country twang rules and the guitar tones also rule.

Tears For Fears – ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

In terms of synths, I think ‘Cost of Love’ definitely nods quite strongly to Tear For Fears and they give it that in-a-Lycra-only-gym-class vibe. Love me an 80s driving song.

Tina Turner – ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’

Tina will always be an icon in my eyes. She’s also one of the first artists to sing about women’s sexuality and pleasure and with that in mind, I believe that she managed to break down, and through, so much oppression, expectation and sonic boundaries and has provided such a phenomenal springboard for female artists today. I also love that when Tina first heard this song, she hated it. She always manages to document tumultuous relationships so well, with such power and vulnerability too.

Troy Sivan – ‘My My My!’

Every Sandridge track is a gay anthem, so it makes sense that we looked straight to Prince Sivan for inspiration.

Dua Lipa – ‘Be The One’

I wrote ‘Cost of Love’ with Dave Jenkins Jr and Lucy Taylor. Lucy funnily enough wrote this Dua track. So I naturally felt this song should/would be in the inspiration list. It’s such a banger. I love the way that the synths move, and lyrically, I love how this song kinda underpins the feeling of distance between two loves, trying to work things out in the midst of emotional/physical separation.

MUNA – ‘Number One Fan’

I just love everything MUNA touches. Katie’s voice is unmistakable and just hands-down rules.They’re on my repeat list, almost always.

Gorillaz – ‘On Melancholy Hill’

I dream of making a record one day half as good as this one. It has my favourite drum sounds on it, and synths. Throughout lockdown, I downloaded all the Gorillaz stems off Splice and nerded out hard on Ableton. Nothing feels afraid, everything is bold and gutsy and considered. This song is a frequent visitor on my walks in the morning and (for some reason) always makes me feel calm and present.

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