Fall Out Boy Resurrect Ghost Of NSYNC Past In Creepy New Video

Staying one step ahead of the nostalgia train, Fall Out Boy‘s video for latest single Irresistible ft Demi Lovato drags us out of the 90s and forward/back to the early 2000s referencing the classic video for NSYNC‘s It’s Gonna Be Me. If you don’t remember the song, or the incredibly strange dolls come to life video, be sure to click the link and watch it now or forever live a life of emotional and spiritual emptiness.

In the new clip, we see the ever chic Lovato working in a toy factory packaging NSYNC figurines (of which she is unimpressed) before she is dumbstruck by the sheer beauty of the Fall Out Boy bobble heads that are next off the line. The scene then changes to a toy store and shit just gets weird.

First of all Joey Fatone (of NSYNC for those of you who grew up without a proper education) is the check out clerk at said toystore… in the clip, not real life, although it’s probably not far from the truth. Anyway, Fatone then throws the “Fall Out Toys” in the bargain bin, before then lavishing love an affection on his own action figure.

Lovato is back again in this scene, this time as Fatone’s toy store colleague, clearly having to hold down a second job in addition working in the toy factory (the only shred of realism in the whole clip). Seriously though, it would be expensive to keep herself in spiky bras and knee high socks to wear under her uniforms.

Most weird of all though would be the various interactions the Fall Out Toys have with their fellow toys. Mind you we can only assume the other ‘characters’ are toys by their size as I’m not sure Japanese health goth breakdancers are exactly a huge trend in today’s toy market. The same goes for ‘workout man’. Like seriously, who buys their kid a gym bro doll?

At least one of the toy cameos is recognisable however, with bobble head Pete Wentz trying out some of his moves on Barbie. She of course can’t speak or bend her limbs, showing that following his marriage to Ashlee Simpson (no hyperlink for you Ashlee, sorry) he is still going after the same type.

I should probably just shut up now and let you watch this grotesque carnival of repackaged pop culture for yourselves, although you do so at your own risk.

You can watch the whole video below.

Fall Out Boy – Irresistible ft. Demi Lovato

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