Fall Out Boy Are Teasing New Shit Of Some Kind

Jiminy Jillikers, Radioactive Man! Fall Out Boy are definitely up to something, with the pop-punk stalwarts premiering a ball-tickling teaser video at a bunch of movie theatres across their home base of Chicago.

It comes after the fellas posted another cryptic AF video spruiking something happening at 11am at a bunch of cinemas around the city, and sure enough fans who rocked up for a screening of The Fast And The Furious 12 or whatever got more than they bargained for, with a new FOB video teasing *something* for April 28th.

Luckily, thanks to the magic of smart phones, we’ve been given a peak of the teaser via Twitter:

And now there’s been another plot twist, with bassist Pete Wentz deciding to gift us with whatever-it-is-that-they’re-planning-to-gift-us-with a day early.

Fall Out Boy have since tweeted out a gif of a purple wave with the amended D-Day, along with changing their Facebook header and profile pic.

Could this mean new music is on the way? The same month as new Paramore? All signs seem to point to yes. Especially when you consider the fact that the last time the lads performed live in August of last year, Wentz told fans that the next time they hit the stage they’d be “back with new music”.

He also detailed a new audio-visual project dubbed ‘Bloom’ which may or may not having something to do with this new teaser (although the purple wave imagery doesn’t quite seem to gel conceptually with that title).

The last we heard from Fall Out Boy since their 2015 American Beauty/American Psycho LP was their unpopular cover of the Ghostbusters theme song.

Whether or not the foretold new music is on the way, it looks like we’ll know by this time next week.

Bring on the pop punk-splosion.

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