Fall Out Boy Release ‘Just One Yesterday’ Video Featuring Foxes

Fall Out Boy’s tales of misadventure continue in the sixth installment of their tragic video series, with Just One Yesterday raising even more questions rather than answering them – but if the end scene is anything to go by, things are starting to come to a head.

Battered, bruised and mutilated, the members all battle their way to some sort of assistance after their run in with the brutal kids in The Mighty Fall. Disguised as a helpful passer by, Foxes appears to be the answer to their pained cries for help but it soon becomes apparent she’s anything but.

Using her creepy eye thingies and that weird snake that Pete Wentz threw up in the beginning, Foxes makes sure Fall Out Boy stay on their toes by turning main man Patrick Stump – living up to his name and sporting a hook for a hand – into possibly the wussiest looking zombie ever. But a zombie nonetheless.

It’s good to see that Fall Out Boy haven’t been distracted from the goal to Save Rock And Roll with all the talk of their Ryan Adams collaboration Pax-Am Days. The band recently committed to an actual release from their sessions with Adams, which have been doing the rounds online for some time now.

Both FOB and Foxes and will be gracing our shores in the coming weeks, with Fall Out Boy returning for their second Australian jaunt in October and Foxes making her maiden voyage Down Under a couple of weeks later in November. Onstage collab potential nixed. Rats.

Watch: Fall Out Boy – Just One Yesterday (Ft. Foxes)

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