Fall Out Boy Tease Ryan Adams Collaboration Release ‘PAX-AM x FOB’

Fall Out Boy and recent studio partner-in-crime Ryan Adams look to be ready to reveal the “eight or nine songs” the two parties recorded “over two marathon nights” at Adam’s PAX-AM Studios in LA recently.

A short but effective teaser clip has appeared online which documents some of the behind-the-scenes action from the session, giving a strong indication that the material will cop an official release.

For a while there, a release of the collaborative material was looking questionable, and no-one involved seemed to want to commit to any plan or release date. Language used when discussing the project even suggested that the sessions were more songwriting exercises than anything else.

So will it be a single? An EP? An album? The possibilities are endless, though considering Save Rock N Roll hasn’t even had time to collect dust, the band will most likely put some time between releasing another full-length.

Whatever form it takes, as per the video, we’ll only have to wait until Monday, 30th September to find out.

Watch: PAX-AM x FOB teaser

(Via Alt Press)

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