Fall Out Boy’s Tales Of Misadventure Continue With ‘The Mighty Fall’ Video Clip

Fall Out Boy aren’t out of the woods yet – both literally and metaphorically speaking – with the band’s latest video feature for The Mighty Fall putting them smack bam in the middle of trouble yet again.

Following on in a similar fashion to their previous music videos from Save Rock And Roll, the band are terrorised, tortured and murdered, though this time they have some extra help. Just when it looks as though frontman Patrick Stump is done for, collaborator Big Sean saves the day, snapping the neck of a particular assailant, with a juicy snapping noise and all.

Of course, in this particular video clip, the assailants are all BMX-riding, baseball bat-wielding children. So the whole snapping of necks is a little full on, though if that bothers you the brutal beatings and gushing blood displayed in The Mighty Fall probably won’t appeal to you either.

The clip has been labeled 5 of 11 meaning we’re not even halfway through this survival horror epic. Hang tight, fellas, you’ve got a lot more to go through before you’re in the clear.

FOB will be in town for the second time this year in October.

Watch: Fall Out Boy – The Mighty Fall

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