Fans Praise Post Malone For Taking A Chance On “Unknown Artist” Ozzy Osbourne With New Collab

Post Malone fans are hilariously trolling Gen X metalheads on Twitter by pretending not to know who Ozzy Osbourne is.

ICYMI: the Prince Of Darkness makes a surprising guest appearance on Posty’s new album Hollywood’s Bleeding, featuring on the track ‘Take What You Want’ alongside Travis Scott. And it’s triggered fans to hit social media to both champion the promising new talent and praise Posty for taking a punt on a “lesser known” artist such as the Black Sabbath founder:

The whole thing is clearly a meta-meme, invoking last week’s events that saw enraged Taylor Swift fans lambast a previously unknown band called Tool for overshadowing Lover on the album charts.

But the joke has hilariously gone over the heads of plenty of cloud-yellers on the internet, whose backlash has been more swift than Taylor herself:

You could say they’re… going off the rails on a crazy train?

FYI, Ozzy has reportedly called the Post Malone collab his “favourite” since he was with Black Sabbath.

Give ‘Take What You Want’ a crank below.

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