Fans Think Asking Alexandria Might Be Reuniting With Their Old Frontman Danny Worsnop

Speculation is mounting that English metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria are reuniting with their former frontman Danny Worsnop, after their label made a bunch of nostalgic posts on social media.

Worsnop left the band in 2015 to pursue music with his rock band We Are Harlot, but it seems he might be back just over a year after his departure.

Just last month, it was revealed that Worsnop and Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce had laid to rest any beef they had from Worsnop leaving the band, with the pair sharing a bottle of Jameson and posting pics on social media. Bruce followed that up with pictures of Worsnop and himself in the studio together, although it has never been revealed what they were working on.

Now, Asking Alexandria’s label Sumerian Records has added more fuel to the fire by posting pictures of the band with Worsnop ahead of the label’s 10 Years in the Black tour with a bunch of bands, where the record company will celebrate its anniversary. Predictably, a lot of the comments on the posts are speculating that the former frontman is returning to the band.

The band themselves also got people talking by posting all of their album covers on socials this week, but not their most recent album The Black, which features new vocalist Denis Stoff.

The comments on Facebook are actually pretty divided, with some fans eagerly awaiting Worsnop’s return while others maintain that Stoff is a better frontman.

One heavily liked comment reads, “If Danny comes back to AA after so much shit, fuck this band. You guys let nostalgia fuck with you all you want but Denis is better for AA,” which aptly summarises the position of most people in Stoff’s corner.

Another reads, “Danny obviously woke up and realized how stupid it was to leave AA. That band was my life until he left and I seriously pray he has truly returned so I can finally see them live with danny,” obviously in favour of the former frontman.

Whatever is going on, we’ll likely find out very soon, as the band is set to kick off the anniversary tour on 25th October.

Check out all the social media posts, below.

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