Fans Uncover Potential Julian Casablancas Solo Album Release Date

Industrious fans of Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, who were also probably very good at finding Wally, may have uncovered the planned release date for the singer’s next solo album in a promotional video unveiled last week. Fans are now speculating the album may drop on 26th May.

Casablancas released his debut album as a solo artist, Phrazes for the Young, in 2009. Back in November, an overnight update to the singer’s website sparked rumours of a forthcoming follow-up, after visitors were suddenly greeted by a previously unseen set of graphics spelling out “Voidz.”

Voidz, it turns out, was a reference to Casablancas’ new backing band, whom the singer debuted along with a batch of new songs over the course of a number of surprise US shows, which followed the release of a new teaser for the upcoming album. The ensemble recently played SXSW.

Now, a new promotional video featuring VHS-quality footage introducing The Voidz and telling the story of how they came together with Casablancas, has fans buzzing. A scene screengrabbed by a fan on Twitter clearly features the digits “26.05,” which some think could be a release date hint.

Watch: “Can I VHS you?” – Julian Casablancas+The Voidz interview

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