Fat As Butter Vs Flo Rida: Rapper Pulls Out Of Festival

Fans at the Fat As Butter Festival in Newcastle on the weekend were disappointed when US Rapper, Flo Rida failed to turn up for his scheduled set on the main stage.

Promoters had told fans only shortly before he was scheduled to play, and that they were as confused and annoyed about the situation as they were:

Brent at Fat As Butter tweeted:

We’re as upset as you are. We paid Flo to appear months ago and since he’s been on his Australian tour, he’s been an absolute Tonk. He’s been in Sydney today, and he’s had a hissy fit. We did everything we absolutely could to get him here, but he wouldn’t come. We’re absolutely devastated he decided not to be a part of Fat As Butter.

It seems Flo Rida was slightly sorry about the whole situation as well; later that night he tweeted:

Australian fans, I was looking forward to performing for you but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to do so last night.

Now the Fat As Butter Festival organisers have released the following statement :

We are extremely disappointed that Flo Rida decided not to fulfill his commitment to appear at the Fat As Butter Festival on Saturday, but we are more disappointed that he let his fans down. We worked overtime to secure his performance, in the months leading up to the festival as well as on the day of the festival itself. Fat As Butter was one of the first shows locked in for his Australian tour and was set to be the largest in terms of audience attendance.

What happened on Saturday was completely out of Fat As Butter’s control. We sympathise with and share in the frustrations of fans and festival patrons who were so disappointed by Flo Rida’s non-appearance. We were hanging on with great hope that he would perform, and went to great lengths to make contingency plans in the hope that he would show up late. However, the festival had to go on, so we delivered the news that Flo Rida would not be appearing as soon as we got word the he had definitely cancelled.

Fat As Butter had nothing to do with Flo Rida’s accommodation bookings in Sydney. We were only responsible for his transport to Newcastle, which we had arranged and had waiting for him, as agreed to. We fulfilled all of our obligations in regards to Flo Rida’s booking and appearance.

As much as we are saddened by the situation regarding Flo Rida, we were more thrilled by the awesome line-up of performers who did take to the stage at this years’ Fat As Butter Festival. All of the artists on the day, including international rap legends Naughty By Nature; Aussie rock giants, The Living End; indie powerhouse, The Jezabels; and the ever-amazing Empire Of The Sun, did an absolutely phenomenal job of blowing the crowds away.

We are glad to report that it was a largely hassle-free day with the majority of festival goers on their best behaviour, even when we had to deliver the news about Flo Rida. With a fresher festival site and more room to play than ever before, the strong crowd enjoyed every minute of the festival. We want to thank all of the artists and punters for their support, and for making this one of the best Fat As Butter Festivals yet!

In what is a festival fatigued market, Fat As Butter organisers were extremely happy with the numbers in attendance on Saturday. In a sign of continued support for the festival from punters, the event was close to selling out.

Fat As Butter will be back next year, with organisers having already begun negotiations with talent for the 2012 festival.

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