Father Bob Tackles Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’

Melbourne’s favourite clergyman, Father Bob Maguire, has released the first track from his upcoming debut album, Father Bob Sings for a Million, a cover of Kanye West‘s 2004 hit single Jesus Walks. And before you ask: yes, he does the “We eat pieces of sh-t like you for breakfast” line.

Father Bob Sings for a Million is part of a Pozible campaign seeking to raise funds for the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, which has provided food assistance, housing, and education for the local community since 2003. His present campaign is looking to raise money for the homeless.

Sings for a Million will be entirely comprised of covers suggested by fans via social media. If you’ve got a song, be it melodic death metal, indie freak folk, or saccharine bubblegum pop, that you’d like to hear Father Bob cover, simply post your suggestion along with the hashtag #songs4bob.

If your suggestion gets selected, you will receive a free digital copy of the album. The other way to get your hands on a copy is with a donation of $25. Father Bob and his team are hoping to raise $50,000, with other rewards including a night spent with Father Bob feeding the poor for $5000.

Watch: Father Bob McGuire – Bob Walks (Jesus Walks Cover)

Watch: Kanye West – Jesus Walks

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