Father John Misty Witnesses Terrible Tinder Date, Live Tweets The Fuck Out Of It

Father John Misty – AKA former Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman – is a pretty hilarious guy. He often demonstrates a wonderfully cynical and self-deprecating sense of humour, like that time he made a series of ‘rejected promos’ for streaming service Pandora. Now he has turned his wit on a pair of Tinder users, erm, looking for love (is that how we’d put it?) in an LA restaurant.

Tinder date conversations make for Twitter gold dust, something we knew already because entrepreneur Carrie Mantha live tweeted one a couple of years ago. And like the train wreck Mantha witnessed, our Misty listened in to a bit of a corker. It went something like this.

To begin with, just realising he is next to a Tinder couple is enough to prompt Misty to tweet. “Need further confirmation but pretty sure I’m sitting next to a Tindr date/// will keep you posted,” he writes. Presumably the forward slashes are his way of building suspense. Soon he is keenly documenting the fact that the “dude went in strong exploiting presumed insecurities” and that “she is talking about energy spheres.”

It gets better. There is a “gratuitous “cheers” once drinks arrived” and, according to Misty, the pair are on fire “cross referencing potential mutual acquaintances.” It’s all there – the gym class anecdote, her identifying as “an artist” but not wanting to be “that guy” and him “succeeding in a field he detests ideologically.” Yawn.

The date is made all the more interesting when the couple notice “independently of one another” that they are sitting opposite Girls star Jemima Kirke and her sister Lola, who in turn has her eye on Misty’s nimble-thumbed phone activity. In a twist worthy of the stickiest of love triangles, Lola Kirke then hops onto Twitter herself and live tweets her sighting of Father John Misty.

Befre things get too meta, Misty ends his hilarious 140-character portions of consciousness with “Now they are having sex.” Pheeeeeew. What a night.

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