FBi Announce New General Manager And Music Director

To celebrate their 10th year in existence, FBi Radio has announced that it’s shaking things up – for the better, as usual. Their long-time MD Dan Zilber has now been promoted to general manager, opening up his previous position of music director to make way for Stephen Goodhew.

Zilber will surely be very much at home with his new title of General Manager of Music for FBi. His duties will now include overseeing all of FBi’s musical content, as well as championing new partnerships and further spreading the good word of FBi through their online channels and digital radio. Zilber has released a statement and seems deservedly stoked on his new role:

“The best job in the world just got better. It’s been an honour to watch FBi grow from just a radio station to a cross platform community media organization. It’s hugely exciting for me to have a new role with increased scope to create more opportunities for Sydney bands and more ways for our audience to access them. I’ve worked very closely with Stephen for the past 2 years and watched his natural talent for music programming develop. He’s a huge asset to FBi and I look forward to working with him in his new role.”

Much like other FBi Staffers, Goodhew has risen through the ranks since joining the fold as a volunteer. Having joined the team in 2009, it’s safe to say he’ll have a pretty good idea of what the station and its listeners want. Goodhew has commented on the news:

“From day one I fell completely in love with FBi’s culture, its music and the unrelenting focus on supporting local artists. I’ve been fortunate to perform a number of sponsorship and programming roles at FBi, as well as directing FBi’s Music Open Day program for the past two years. The opportunity to become Music Director of FBi’s FM station, where I can continue to support the vibrancy of Sydney’s ever increasing music scene, is nothing short of a dream come true.”

FBi know what’s up, and how to get down – details of a wicked cool 10th birthday bash are sure to be announced soon. Stay tuned.

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