Five Finger Death Punch Bassist Defends Parkway Drive’s New Album In Lengthy Rant

Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael has posted a long defence of the new Parkway Drive record Reverence.

The new Parkway Drive album dropped on Friday and it signals another sonic shift for the band which has got some fans hating on it.

After seeing the negative comments Kael was sparked to jump to the band’s defence writing on Instagram, “This new album fucking RULES.”

Admitting that he’s only listened to a bit of Ire and this latest record he said it, “Doesn’t change the fact that I can enjoy a great record even if I’m unfamiliar for the most part of their catalog as a whole.”

“I’ve listened to it probably 10 times in the past two days of travel and am listening to it as I type our this post.”

He went on to call the negative comments “bullshit opinions” and said that the negative comments always outweigh the positive.

“People are more likely to leave a negative review than to take the time to praise a positive experience,” he wrote.

“I encourage those surfing shit on the internet today – put in half the effort you do in talking shit behind the safety and comfort of a keyboard in promoting positivity for a change.”

Interestingly some fans have remarked that the new Parkway Drive sounds like Five Finger Death Punch. Five Fingers Death Punch will drop their new album And Justice for None in just a few weeks time.

Read the full Instagram post below.

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