Five Finger Death Punch Have Covered The Offspring’s ‘Gone Away’ & It Will Elicit Some Strong Feelings

SHARPEN YOUR OPINION STICKS because Five Finger Death Punch have just released a cover The Offspring‘s 1997 masterpiece ‘Gone Away’ and they’ve done a bloody number on it.

The US fight-rockers have totally transformed the emotionally wrought Ixnay On The Hombre punk jam into a sombre, plodding piano ballad, complete with wailing guitar solo.

The brooding arrangement really does bring out the raw pain of Dexter Holland’s powerful lyrics but still, ‘Gone Away’ is such a universally beloved classic that it’s hard to see many Offspring fans taking kindly to such a dramatic musical makeover.

They’ve also released a lyric video for the song for some reason, which is strange because a) they didn’t write the lyrics and b) everyone already knows them all anyway.

But still, here it is, as featured on 5FDP’s new compilation album A Decade Of Destruction, which is out now.

See what you make of it below, and then blast the OG for good measure.

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