Flea Includes Patti Smith In Solo EP

Solo projects and collaborations seem to be all the rage lately with literally everyone doing it. Some obviously more credible than others, though RHCP Bassist Flea’s recently announced solo EP is starting to stand out like one of the most thought-out and interesting solo projects we’ve been privy to recently.

The sheer concept behind the release sets it ahead of similar projects by other musicians. Fans who download the EP will be able to pay whatever price they see fit, or whatever price they can afford, automatically excluding purchasing power from the equation, and what’s more, all proceeds will be donated to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, which Flea himself established back in ’01.

It has now been revealed that New York music icon Patti Smith will be included in the EP. From what I can tell, Smith will be the only vocals on the release, with the rest being as the man himself describes it: “obscure arty mostly instrumental music, except when Patti Smith sings”, according to DIY UK.

There will also be the option to purchase a signed physical copy of the EP complete with a piece of bass string for $75.

John Frusciante, Flea’s bandmate, has also been working on his solo project, which you can check out here, and the Chili Willies themselves are expected to drop some new singles very soon.

More details are expected to come on Flea’s EP this coming week; stay tuned!

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